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Leading manufacturer of Circuit Protection with Multifuse, TVS, GDT, TBU and TISP technologies, Circuit Conditioning with magnetics and resistive products, and Sensors and Control products.


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Manufacturer of high efficiency Power IC technology for Battery Charger and Management, AC/DC and DC/DC converters, and LED Lighting


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Leading integrated device manufacturer in the Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) market, providing a full range of NOR Flash and NAND Flash in Industrial and Automotive grade. Wide range of product offering includes Parallel NOR and Serial NOR Flash (512Kbit to 2Gbit), SLC and eMMC NAND products from 1Gbit to 8Gbit densities.


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Connectivity solutions: WiFi6/6E, Dimensity 5G chips, 800G PHY, Automotive SoC (Telematics, ADAS, Infotainment), IoT SoC (Edge AI, integrated WiFi, BLE, GPS)


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Leading supplier of Connectors and Interconnect components used across a variety of applications, including Data Communications, Medical, Industrial, Automotive, and Consumer electronics. HSIO Connectors and Cables, Busbars, Backplane and Power Connectors, 100G and 400G Optical Transceivers, and BittWare FPGA Computing Systems.

Navitas Semiconductor

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Navitas AllGaN™ Power ICs enable power systems to run up to 100x faster than traditional silicon, while delivering 5x higher power density, 40% greater energy savings and 20% lower system costs.


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Pliops Extreme Data Processer (XDP) multiplies the scalability of workloads and capacity by delivering ultra-high performance drive fail protection and in-line compression for your NVMe SSD-based data-intensive applications.


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World's leading analog IC company. Richtek products include power conversion ICs, power management ICs, power protection ICs, drivers and amplifiers. Richtek adds value to our customers by providing the most comprehensive system-level support available, and strives to be the best "Power Partner" to our customers.


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Manufacturer of high quality Flash and DRAM memory modules as well as a creative family of branded computer accessories.


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